About Us

Beyond Blue Charters support sustainability of marine species and most ethical angling practices.

We are Beyond Blue Charters:

  • We are an owner operated Charter business.
  • We support the preservation of a Green Planet and the conservation of our most important resource – the Ocean.
  • We strive for you to achieve the discovery of the most magical and majestic memorabilia to accompany you throughout many future years.
  • We pride ourselves with innovative thinking, creative ideas and offer the best interpretation of climate and conditions.
  • Capture the Spirit of the sea from deep within the Beyond Blue.
  • From Red Roman reef fish to the anticipated Tuna may the hunt for Yellow Fin October always be in your favour.

Capitalise on our creative choice of charters

The Team

Invigorative, Ingenuitive and Inspirations unite.

The Skipper

Iaan Viljoen was literally born with a fishing rod in his hand.

Chief Operations Officer

Our appointed Chief Operations Officer is Deon Botha.

The Firstmate

Qualified and licensed First Mate.