Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours


The art of fishing is indeed one of the most iconic pastimes humanity has ever known.

Besides good local fishing spots our company also organizes day tours!

We include:

  • Offshore deep sea sport and game fishing (Tuna and Marlin species)
  • Inshore fishing off Cape Point (Yellowtail and Snoek species)
  • Inshore reef and bottom fishing (variety of fish species), Crayfishing, Spearfishing

Your safety is our priority and you can be rest assured with confidence that your safety is secured by our proven track record and high standard of service reliability and maintenance of all our related Fire and Safety Equipment on board our vessel.

Your fishing charter experience with a difference will include:

  1. Provision of a valid Fishing License at a small nominal additional fee.
  2. Preparation of bait.
  3. Catch cleaning and filleting.
  4. Soft drinks, sodas and beverages (tea and coffee).
  5. Child friendly environment.
  6. Ice box.
  7. Rods, reels, tackle.
  8. Breakfast (muffins, tea or coffee), Lunch (Fresh rolls with selection of cold meats), Snacks (biscuits, dried fruit and nuts, biltong / droewors), mineral water.
  9. Reasonable catch gratuity of Tuna at discretion of Skipper (between 15 – 20 kg pp).
  10. Catch and release of undersize and endangered species enforced.
  11. Airport transfers and accommodation upon request.
  12. Qualified crew and fully licensed vessel.
  13. Sunscreen and First Aid Kit.