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Skipper's log

Location is everything. Inshore Vs. Offshore Fishing

Which is better? A lot of this has to do with personal preference. If you prefer to be close to land (or on land) or way out at sea. While both options are very different, both inshore and offshore fishing have their benefits, and both make for a great day of fishing, regardless of your personal preference.

Inshore fishing is any fishing that takes place in water up to thirty meters deep. Since the waters are more calm, the requirements for a fishing vessel are less intense, and boats can be very small and basic. Inshore fishing also requires less equipment, such as poles, holders, attire, and storage. A large variety of fish can be found in shallow waters, light rods and even small nets can be used to catch fish. The downside, some may argue is that with the decreased difficulty, you also lessen the excitement. The big trophies like yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, long fin tuna, skipjack and marlin, will rarely be found in these waters. If it’s big trophies you are hoping for, offshore fishing may be more your speed.

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