Terms & Conditions


  1. Your safety is our priority however any boarding of the vessel is at the individuals own risk (Indemnity Documentation and visible signage displayed on board).
  2.  Instruction by the Skipper is not negotiable and is to be obeyed and respected at all times.
  3. Limited consumption of alcohol permitted on board at Skipper’s discretion.
  4. No drugs, dangerous substances nor firearms are permitted on board.
  5. Full payment is required for the reservation of the charter (to be received within 72 hours of the morning launch date) and 50% thereof is regarded as a non-refundable deposit upon cancellation of the charter by the client (within 48 hours of the morning of the launch date).
  6. The remaining balance of 50% is only payable to the client if the charter is cancelled 5 working days prior to the morning of the launch date (less Bank Charges).
  7. Payment is required to be received upon receipt of client signature of the Indemnity Documentation.
  8. Only upon receipt thereof will the reservation be confirmed.
  9. Confirmation of cruise is subject to inclement weather (advised at the sole discretion of the Skipper 24 hours prior to the morning of the launch date).
  10. In the event of the charter being cancelled by the Skipper the charter will be credited for a future date convenient to the client or refund in full.
  11. Any Act of God or unforeseen disaster while out at sea will be remediated and actioned immediately by instruction of the Skipper.